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Residential Care Home For Autistic Spectrum Disorder

About us

Crediton Care and Support Homes Limited is a privately owned company and is a family run business.

We are based on the principle that individuals with Autism/ Aspergers Syndrome and Learning Disabilities are capable of growth and development.

We recognise that individuals here are entitled to the same rights and respect as everyone else and as such we try to generate an environment of trust and confidence for the individuals that live here, and that they benefit from regular contact with families and keeping them updated of their progress. We believe an “open door policy” facilitates the regular communication between the homes, the families and individuals.

At Crediton Care & Support Homes Limited we hope to provide full and comprehensive support while still helping them to promote their own independence and retain their freedom and right to choose.

The service specifically addresses their needs as individuals as well as their disabilities, which is reflected in their comprehensive Person Centered Care Plan, WRAP Plan and Positive Behaviour Support Plan.

Crediton Care & Support Homes Limited consists of three residential homes, Creedy Court, Burridge Farm and Kite House. Our homes are registered for adults from 18 – 65 years.

Our Ethos

Each of our service users has their own bespoke care package designed to suit their own needs, which is reviewed on a regular basis to keep it as current as possible and to ensure that we provide the highest level of care. We recognise that our service users are individuals entitled to the same rights and respect as everyone else, and as such we try to create a close bond between our staff and service users.

In each home the residents have a keyworker which is a dedicated member of staff with whom they have developed a close and confidential relationship to be used as they see fit.

We also recognise the benefit to our service users is regular contact with families, and keeping them apprised of their progress and activities, which is why we have an appointed ‘Support Coordinator’ whose role is to facilitate the regular communication and flow of information between the homes, our service users, and their families.

At Crediton Care & Support Homes Limited we hope to provide full and comprehensive support to our service users while still helping them promote their own independence and retain their freedom and right to choose.

We also have a Day Service Coordinator who organises all on-site & off-site activities, days out, holidays etc. They are also involved in ensuring that the service users have comprehensive timetables that benefit their needs and requirements.

Our Staff Team

At Crediton Care & Support Homes Limited we are proud of our staff team. Some of them have been with us for many years and have a wealth of experience in the care field. Each member of staff has been chosen because of their dedication to helping support others and their personal integrity.

We are committed to staff development and use both in-house and specialist out-of-house training sources to ensure that our staff have the relevant skills and information needed to support our service users to the best way they are able. We also support all staff in their achievement of relevant Diplomas in Health & Social Care.

Arranging Placements

Initial contact is made to us from placing authorities. Arrangements are made for the Care Manager to visit the homes, and discussions are held to determine whether we can meet and provide for the prospective service users needs.

As well as visiting the home, we are able to offer assessments to the individuals current placement, alongside the assessment if the placement is agreed we can arrange comprehensive transition plans.


Due to our expansion we currently have a vacancy at Kite House.

For further information and details regarding the vacancies please do not hesitate to contact us.